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Global Guide for Medical Meetings

Simplified Guidelines to:
Pharmaceutical compliance 
CME/CPD requirements
Information on 100+ Countries
Personalized advisory services for subscribers

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Meeting Planners

Receive the latest updates in national pharma regulations.

Academic Institutions

Access all national requirements for physicians attending your courses.

CME/CPD Providers

Increase attendance at your event by ensuring CME accreditation worldwide.

Pharma Code Updates

Title Last Updated
CME/CPD System Nov 17 2015
Pharmaceutical Code of Conduct Nov 17 2015
National Regulatory Institutions Nov 17 2015
Italy Jan 23 2013
Health Authorities Jan 7 2013

A Notice Regarding Subscription Changes

On November 3, 2015 The Red Book for Medical Meetings was entered into an agreement to be acquired by ABTS Convention Services. 

Due to these recent developments, we inform you that new subscriptions and renewals to the Red Book will no longer be available. However, current subscriptions will remain available until the end of the subscription period purchased. During this time subscribers will continue to have full access to the resource.  

The Red Book for Medical Meetings was developed by The Society for Worldwide Medical Exchange (SWME) and the Rome CME-CPD Group. Since 2012, the Red Book has provided a comprehensive global medical meetings guide to meeting planners, associations, and pharmaceutical companies. At SWME, we are honored to have been involved in its creation and hope our subscribers have benefited from this resource. We thank each one of our subscribers for their support of this unique and necessary guide. 

We are now also proud of the acquisition of The Red Book by ABTS Convention Services, a leader in providing US-based medical associations and their meetings with the services they need to create a successful meeting while growing international attendance. The Red Book will further these goals for medical associations worldwide. 

Should you have any questions regarding your subscription status or the acquisition of The Red Book, please feel free to contact us at<